Full planning & Design

From textures to kitchen prep tables every detail matters. 

Let Meet Cute take the lead and guide you through the whole process!

Full planning means we start from the very beginning and work together through the entire process. Lean on our expertise and years of experience every step of the way! 

  • Unlimited prep meetings with one being a month prior to the event day to be sure to cover all last details and mainly focusing on ceremony details 
  • Constructing and allocating the wedding budget to ensure every vendor and expense is thought of and appropriately set for the market in your event location
  • Come up with a full event design plan 
  • Designing a floor plan to optimize traffic flow and functionality 
  • Giving vendor suggestions and insight on selections so you can make the wisest decision within your budget 
  • Contacting vendors throughout the process of planning and providing multiple options with your specific budget in mind
  • Making a detailed schedule of the day including four detailed timelines so everyone will have information and know where they should be and what to expect:
  • Master Timeline 
  • Vendor Timeline 
  • Bridesmaid (including brides family instructions and complete photo schedule)
  • Groomsmen (including brides family instructions and complete photo schedule)  
  • Directing and designing full ceremony and coordinating music, movements, and decor
  • Running the rehearsal 
  • Being on site the full wedding day, first one in and last one out 
  • Counting in all rentals to make sure you have gotten everything you paid for on the event day and if not making the proper arrangements to remedy the problem quickly
  • Placing all personal decor (excluding floral)
  • Keeping everyone on schedule and accounting for all moving parts
  • Troubleshooting and problem solving if any issues are to arise and trying to solve without distraction to the family 
  • Organizing load in and out of personal items, gifts, and decor 
  • Facilitating the sendoff and transportation itinerary

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Event Planning & Design